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Backed by five decades of ocean domain experience, TSC Strategic has exclusive access to over 50 years of essential data and intelligence relating to the development of the ocean and offshore industries. Our goal is quite simple: to empower our clients to make effective use this data to influence business-critical decisions. To this end, we regularly produce a number of highly specific Market Intelligence Reports that rely on the leading insights and trained analysis of our seasoned Subject Matter Experts.

Offshore Wind Farm

US Offshore Wind Cable Report

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The offshore wind industry in the US has made incredible strides in the last two years and the US market is moving closer and closer to the implementation stage for large-scale offshore wind development. This also means that the market is moving closer to procuring large quantities of offshore wind cable (OWC); a critical component to any offshore wind farm. In fact, we can say with some confidence that the US OWC market began in earnest in December 2019 and January 2020 with several supply contract awards for large quantities of cable.

The global supply chain for offshore wind cable must now recognize that the US is a major player and prepare to meet US demand while still meeting the needs of other growing regions of the world. SubCableWorld’s (SCW) new white paper, Forecasting the Next Decade of US Offshore Wind Cable Demand, forecasts the US market for OWC to 2030. This research uses SCW’s proprietary model to forecast long-term developments in the US offshore wind industry, thus providing insight into the scale of demand that we might expect in the next decade. Understanding this will be important throughout the supply chain as it builds up to meet the growing needs of the market.

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